Amputation Injuries

Suffering any kind of amputation injury is one of the most traumatic and debilitating injuries that anyone will ever have to endure. Whether you lose a finger or an entire limb in the accident, your life will never be the same again after an amputation injury. For victims whose injuries happen on the job, it is important to understand your rights with regard to seeking workers' compensation benefits.

At the law firm of Hilley & Frieder, P.C., our Georgia amputation lawyers represent workers from all occupations and backgrounds. We work tirelessly to secure the compensation and medical care you need as you transition into this new chapter of your life.

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Helping Amputation Injury Victims Through a Difficult Time

We understand what a troubling time this is for you, and we know how overwhelming it can be to work through unfamiliar legal processes in the wake of such a traumatic event. When you hire our firm, we will take the lead on all of the legal issues, so you can focus on your recovery and moving on with your life.

Among the benefits that amputation injury victims can seek are the following:

  • Lost wages
  • Medical care
  • Rehabilitation
  • Retraining
  • Prosthetics and other medical equipment

We Offer Free Consultations to Workplace Amputation Injury Victims

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Ronald Hilley was the contributing attorney to this content.