Drunk Driving Accidents

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HERO worker dies 6 months after being hit by drunk driver

Posted on March 30, 2016 in
Drunk driving incidents nearly always have adverse effects. These can include damage to vehicles and surrounding property, injuries to drivers, passengers, and pedestrians, and even death. Not to mention the legal hot water it puts drunk drivers in. Sometimes it takes months for all of the effects to take place. That is true in...
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How can dram shop laws affect your DUI case?

Posted on March 24, 2016 in
Despite millions of dollars having been spent on public education campaigns, reckless drivers still engage in drinking and driving. When they do, their intoxicated state makes it substantially more likely that they will get into an accident. This is how innocent people get hurt every day, and why they wind up needing to file...
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Pursuing compensation from a drunk driver

Posted on January 27, 2016 in
Losing a loved one or suffering serious injuries in an auto accident is tragic. When you find out that the person who was at-fault for the accident was under the influence of alcohol or other drugs, it can make the accident even more difficult to deal with.At Hilley & Frieder, P.C., we represent victims...
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Drunk drivers can turn the holiday into a disaster

Posted on December 31, 2015 in
New Year’s Eve and the weekend that follows are always huge days for parties of all sorts. Many of these parties will include alcohol. Some partygoers plan ahead and have a way to get home if they have been drinking. Other partygoers think that they are able to drive after drinking. Those drunk drivers...
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Drugged driving is dangerous

Posted on October 23, 2015 in
As holidays draw near, many people are focused on the dangers of drunk driving, specifically on how excess alcohol can impair a person’s ability to operate a motor vehicle. However, it is also important to focus on the dangers of drugged driving, specifically on how drugs like marijuana can impair driving skills.While drunk driving...
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