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Foreign Objects

Surgery is a very complex process, even for the most routine operations. Every single object used in surgery must be accounted for before, during and after a procedure by the surgeon, nurses and other medical team members adhering to set protocols and procedures. This may include counting surgical tools, towels and sponges to make sure nothing was left inside the patient. Unfortunately, when a doctor and his or her team are negligent and fail to follow these standards, serious injuries can result. When a foreign object is left inside the body post-surgery, very serious complications are often the consequence. Sometimes these complications are fatal.

Do you believe you or a loved one was left with foreign objects inside the body following surgery? You need experienced medical malpractice representation. This is a very complicated area of the law that requires extensive skill and knowledge. Our medical malpractice lawyers have been helping injured victims for nearly 40 years. Reach out to us online to discuss your potential claim with one of our attorneys in Atlanta, Georgia.

Surgical Negligence Involving Foreign Objects Left Inside Patients

Clients who come to us with foreign object cases are surprised to learn that this is not as uncommon as they believed. Whether it is due to patient overload or overscheduling, surgeons have been known to make such serious mistakes as leaving a surgical instrument inside the patient’s body. Keep in mind this is completely different from a “fixation device,” which is something that is intentionally left inside the patient’s body for medical purposes, such as a pacemaker.

All types of objects can be left inside, including sponges, pins, syringes, knives, needles, towels, gauze and swabs. Sometimes your body tries to attack the foreign object, and the smallest objects can cause infection, perforations, internal bleeding and other serious complications. Let us help you pursue full and fair compensation for your injuries.

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