"You won’t be disappointed… go with the best team out there." At the office of Hilley & Frieder, the client is first and foremost in each and every step of the legal process. Ronald Hilley has the experience and knowledge that everyone should consider when seeking legal representation. Look no further, Hilley & Frieder are the powerhouse [team] one needs to successfully make it through all aspects of any legal battle. David D.
"Ron's knowledge and guidance in disability insurance made the difference." Ron Hilley helped me with my short-term and long-term disability applications. He provided the best assistance and guidance to me which resulted in the approval of both disability payment series. I wouldn't have been successful, doing this on my own. Ron's knowledge and guidance in disability insurance made the difference. I highly recommend using Ron Hilley. Gene Holcombe
“...very pleased with the overall outcome.” I recently hired Mr. Hilley to represent me in a work/comp case and was very pleased with the overall outcome. He was very involved, had great knowledge, [and] was very honest and straight forward with my case. The case was settled in a timely manner. I was advised by Mr. Hilley during the case that overall benefit me in the end. D. L.
“Amazing Law Firm! Amazing People and Amazing Lawyers!!” Amazing Law Firm! Amazing People and Amazing Lawyers!! I worked with pretty much all of them. Ron made me understand my case and laid out reasonable expectations. I worked with them for exactly 9 months and my WC case was closed in our favor. They have such an amazing support team. I can't say enough about Vanessa. Her patience was vital, even in the times when she had to step up the most. The finish was even remarkable. I was assigned Mr. Whiteman. He reminded me of baseball. A true closer! I truly appreciate them all. Chimwemwe Kamwana
"I always felt like a priority...I knew I would be in good hands." Mia has been my lawyer for a personal injury case, and upon meeting her, I felt an immediate sense of relief as I knew I would be in good hands. She possessed exceptional knowledge and expertise to address any and all concerns I had regarding my case. Mia is honest and provides realistic expectations. Most importantly, she is compassionate and really took the time to listen and empathize with my pain, distress, and anxiety. As her client, I always felt like a priority and never once felt ignored or neglected. Additionally, she has valued my input and provided excellent direction with my case. Communicating with Mia has also been very easy since she could be easily reached by e-mail and/or phone. I am so grateful for Mia as I could not have got through such a difficult period of my life without her support and representation, which enabled me to focus on the priorities in my life while she worked painstakingly to maximize my settlement. Mia is an exceptional lawyer whom I would highly recommend to everyone and anyone. Duke
"...fair, honest, and enabled me to overcome my insurance challenges." My retirement plan administrator told me how one of his clients with disability insurance problems had been helped by Ron Hilley. Mr. Hilley was fair, honest, and enabled me to overcome my insurance challenges. My only regret is that he was not involved sooner. Robert Steed
"Mia and Ron filed suit and got me a confidential settlement with which I was completely satisfied." After I had fallen at work, I hired an attorney who said that my case was not worth much money. I then hired Ron Hilley who got me a settlement many times the amount that the first attorney said my case was worth. While my workers' compensation case was going on, Mia Frieder told me that she thought that we could sue the building for my fall. The building owners would not settle without a lawsuit. Mia and Ron filed suit and got me a confidential settlement with which I was completely satisfied. I have recommended Hilley & Frieder to friends who said they were pleased. Gloria Gutierrez
"...excellent attorney and I highly recommend them to anyone." Mia Frieder and Vanessa helped me with my car crash case. The guy who hit me had an insurance company based out of GA who tried to give me the run-around, but Mia never allowed them to do that once she took over my case. Mia was incredible and got them to settle on my case. She is an excellent attorney and I highly recommend them to anyone. Devin Simon
"You guys are the best." I can not think of a better way to thank you guys for the support provided at a time where I thought the world is crushing down on me. Fortunately, to have Mr. Hilley and Vanessa as a support was everything I needed. I just want to say THANK YOU and I highly recommend Hilley & Frieder Law firm. You guys are the best. Again thank you and so much love!!!!! Mike Diao
"They're passionate about what they do and really care for their clients." Mia and Ron are excellent to work with. They're passionate about what they do and really care for their clients. They know the law inside and out. They are the only lawyers I'd ever recommend. I had a very unusual case that other lawyers wouldn't even touch. Ron and Mia saw the injustice that had been done and despite the overwhelming challenges, took my case. AND WE WON! I don't think I'll ever be able to thank them enough. Patrick Dawson
"...great to work with" Ron was great to work with. His office was prompt to respond and follow up. He was upfront on how to work my case. That's all I needed. lizic25
"Highly recommend!" Ron and Mia are great to work with ... highly recommend! Rich
"I now have peace of mind thanks to the hard work and talents of Ron Hilley." After 20 years of paying me under a Long-Term Disability contract, my insurance company suddenly decided that I was no longer disabled and terminated my benefits. Ron Hilley intelligently, articulately, and fearlessly demonstrated that I am still disabled and that the insurance company violated the terms of the contract. My benefits have been reinstated, and I now have peace of mind thanks to the hard work and talents of Ron Hilley. Anonymous
“I am very grateful to have had him on my side. ” I was badly injured at work. Mr. Ronald Hilley worked very hard to settle my case. I am very grateful to have had him on my side. Thank you so very much and I totally recommend him and his wife Mia to anyone who needs legal assistance! Sanita Pilic
“...did an awesome job and got the case handled quickly and efficiently.” I hired Hilley and Frieder on a 2017 auto accident. Mia Frieder did an awesome job and got the case handled quickly and efficiently. I was pleased with the outcome and her professionalism throughout the matter. Mia went over and above for me. She did not sugar-coat anything. Mia is very knowledgeable of GA laws and knows how to apply them to your case. Mia fights hard for her clients and she keeps you notified with updates of your case. Mia returns calls and meets all deadlines well before their due. Thank you, Hilley & Frieder, for representing me. You did an awesome job. I definitely recommend this law firm if you or your loved one is in an auto accident. Indiangurl Queen
"...[Mia] restored my health, confidence, faith in legal matters, and most of all... my TRUST." In February 2014, I took one of the worst spills of my life, and it happened on the premises of One of the World’s Largest Department Store Retailers in America. I fell backward, due to a substance carelessly left on the floor by an employee. After falling, I was in excruciating pain, embarrassed, confused, and didn’t know what to do. As a single mom, self-employed, with no reliable health coverage, this accident put a sudden stop to my busy lifestyle. To add to my fears, I knew I needed help facing this Mega Big Corporate Company… until I found Hilley & Frieder..! Mia not only recovered an Astounding Six-figure settlement on my behalf, but she restored my Health, Confidence, Faith in Legal matters, and most of all my Trust. The process went by quickly, too. I Highly recommend Hilley & Frieder, hands down!!! Monique
"I made the right decision by hiring this Law Firm." Holley and Frieder have really made a big impact on my life. When I was injured. I was really taken care of. I like the way they handled my case and the outcome was awesome. I made the right decision by hiring this Law Firm. I can't be happier. Good caring lawyers. Ayodeji Osinowo
"...went above and beyond in helping me in my case." Struggling with an injury is hard enough on your own, but having to deal with state workers comp can make things way more difficult than they have to be. Fortunately, I was referred to Ron Hilley, who went above and beyond in helping me in my case. He was not only able to correct my benefit wages and help me with all the settlement/case paperwork, but he also helped me understand and take care of all of the small details involved in an over 2.5-year workers comp case. Ron always wanted us to understand all the options first before making any decisions. Most lawyers I’ve worked with are just trying to collect a check and not put in the work, but with Ron that was NEVER the case! He never pressured me into anything that was not in my best interest. If you’re looking for a professional with a great personality Ron Hilley is the attorney you're looking for. Brendan Kuletz
"...professional, hard-working, friendly and gets the job done the right way." I was in a WC case for 2 years with another attorney getting nowhere. Someone told me about Ron and Mia, so I went and talk to him in February. He took over my case and in May we had a satisfied signed settlement. I would recommend them to anyone. Very professional, hard-working, friendly and gets the job done the right way. He answers all your calls and you will talk to him personally. Sly Sim
"...very upfront and honest - which is very rare to find." My husband and I had a great experience having Mr. Ron Hilley handle our case. He is very upfront and honest which is very rare to find. He helped us every step of the way. He is always available to you and he also has a wonderful team with Brian and Vanessa who are exceptional in customer service. Thanks, team Hilley & Frieder! The Paiges
"This is counsel you can trust to put your best interests first." Thank you, Hilley & Frieder, what a great law firm. [I'm] so grateful for your experience and expertise, as it helped me come to the desired resolution for my case. The entire process was handled extremely professionally and everything went smoothly. A special thank you to Vanessa, who played an essential role in translation as my first language is Spanish. Also to Ron Hilley, who handled my case. I could not have asked for a better experience. I would recommend this law firm to anyone looking for help in a Worker's Comp case. This is counsel you can trust to put your best interests first. Jorge F.
"Awesome work!!!!" Awesome work!!!! Very pleased with the staff and the outcome! Lynne Clark
Would highly recommend them. Mike Prowell