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Workers’ compensation and the most common injuries for claims

Posted on July 2, 2019 in

The Travelers Companies released a survey about workers’ compensation claims. More than 1.5 million workers participated in the survey, and the results may surprise you.

Here are the top five workplace injuries, the injuries with the highest associated costs and the major causes for the injuries that appear most often in workers’ compensation claims.

The five most common injuries

When you think of a workers’ compensation claim, you may think of a serious injury, such as a broken bone, and that is partially correct. However, according to the Travelers Companies survey released in 2016, fractures held fifth place among the top five claims workers submitted. Here is the complete list:

  •         Strains and sprains (30% of all claims)
  •         Cuts or punctures (19%)
  •         Contusions (12%)
  •         Inflammation (5%)
  •         Fractures (5%)

In industries and businesses of various sizes, strains and sprains were the most common types of injuries reported. However, eye injuries topped the list in both the manufacturing and construction industries. Objects that strike or scrape, such as dust or slivers of metal or wood, are responsible for most eye injuries. Of course, objects like nails or slivers of metal can also penetrate the eyeball and cause loss of sight.

How injuries happen

The report revealed that material handling was the main cause of injuries, especially in the retail and manufacturing industries. Falling from a height was another major cause of injury in both the retail sector and in construction work. The study cited vehicle accidents as a frequent cause of injury in the oil and gas industry.

Most costly injuries

Though they occur less frequently, the report showed that these serious injuries resulted in the highest average costs:

  •         Amputations
  •         Electric shock
  •         Dislocations
  •         Crushing
  •         Multiple trauma injuries, such as breaking more than one bone in an accident

An overview

The Travelers Companies’ “Injury Impact Report” was a study of workers’ compensation claims filed between 2010 and 2014. The study provides an overview of the kinds of workplace injuries many employees submit, often with legal guidance to ensure the protection of their rights, and so they receive the compensation benefits they deserve.

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