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Prosthetics & Medical Equipment in Workers’ Comp

It is important to be aware that insurance companies always want the cheapest solution, but you always want the best solution for your injury. Prosthetics that are provided after an amputation are a good example of when costs are cut, you do not get the best result.

A few years ago, a factory worker suffered a severe injury to his non-dominant hand. We requested an OSHA investigation and learned that the injury occurred since his employer had put electrical tape over the electric eye that would stop the machine from closing if the operator’s hand was inside the machine.

Our client lost all the fingers of his left hand except his thumb. When it came time for a prosthesis, the insurance company approved some rubber fingers that look like fingers but serve no purpose. Through our representation, we got our client a mechanical hand which gave him use of his hand. As he has learned to use his new hand, his abilities have gotten better. It is not like his natural hand, but he can do a lot of things that he otherwise could not do.

With the recent 2019 amendment to Georgia’s Workers’ Compensation Act, an injured worker who has received a prothesis during the first 400 weeks of his claim can receive repair and replacement of his prosthesis for life.

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