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Can I Change My Doctor After a Work Injury?

After a workplace injury, Georgia law limits your choice of doctor when your employer’s workers’ compensation insurance company has posted a valid panel of physicians. If your employer does not have a valid panel, you may treat with a doctor of your choice.

But to recover from a workplace injury, you must have confidence that you are receiving proper medical care and that your doctor has your best interests in mind. What if your doctor isn’t listening to you? What if he or she doesn’t understand your injury and how the injury limits your ability to do your job? What if your doctor insists that you can return to work before you are fully recovered?

If you are being treated by a panel doctor, you can change your physician one time, choosing another doctor on the panel. However, this decision is critical to your recovery. If you have doubts about the doctors on the panel or other concerns about how your workers’ compensation claim is being handled, you should speak with an experienced attorney.

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Workers’ compensation insurance companies want to keep their claim costs low. As a result, some of them are very selective in the doctors they choose for their panels. They prefer physicians who tend to minimize treatment or who recommend that patients go back to work before they are fully recovered.

Our lawyers can review your case and advise you regarding your choice of doctors. If necessary, we can undertake legal action to protect your rights and help you obtain the medical benefits you need and deserve.

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