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Do I Need a Lawyer to Help Me Get Medical Care?

Although the law gives you the right to medical care, the insurance company has to pay for the medical care. The insurance company wants to spend as little as possible on claims, including your claim. Below are some of the problems you may encounter.

The insurance company will try to limit the parts of your body that are treated so that it will spend less on your claim. One of our clients in the Atlanta area was injured when an object fell, striking her on the shoulder near her neck. The first doctor who saw her after the injury noted that she had pain in her shoulder, down her arm and in her neck. By the time she was seen by the company doctor, however, he was only treating her shoulder. During her treatment, the company doctor asked for permission to do an MRI on her neck, but the insurance company refused any treatment for her neck. Although the doctor recommended an MRI for her neck, he was not willing to argue with the insurance company to get the treatment for his patient. We got her treatment and settled the case for a confidential amount that included treatment for her neck.

Insurance companies limit your choice of doctor to a list of approved doctors to treat you for your on-the-job injury. Not surprisingly, the doctors on the list were picked by the insurance company. The insurance company searches for doctors who will treat you the way the insurance company wants you treated. An experience workers’ compensation attorney can help you get treatment from a doctor who wants to treat you, not the insurance company. An experienced workers’ compensation lawyer can help you get treatment for all of your injuries, not just the less expensive ones.

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