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Here to Protect Your Interests if You Have Been Injured

Hilley & Frieder is a legal team dedicated to helping those who have been seriously injured due to the negligence of another. Whether it is a personal injury, a workplace accident, or a result of medical malpractice, our Georgia personal injury attorneys are committed to fighting for your needs.

Suffering a serious injury can have a significant impact on your physical, emotional, and financial health. At Hilley & Frieder, we understand the stress, pain, and frustration you may be feeling at this time, and we want to help. With our experience and knowledge, we provide the legal support you need during this difficult time to secure the compensation you deserve for your injuries.

If you or a loved one has been seriously injured in Atlanta due to the negligence of another party, please contact us immediately for a free consultation. Let us help you receive the care you deserve during this difficult time.

A Legal Team Focused on Your Needs

Hilley & Frieder is dedicated to giving you excellent legal representation throughout your case. For over 35 years, we have helped clients all throughout Georgia receive the help and compensation they need after suffering a serious injury. As a husband-and-wife legal team, we strive to give each of our clients personalized care and attentive representation. When our law firm represents your case, you will always communicate directly with your Atlanta personal injury attorneys – not a junior associate, paralegal, or other legal assistants.

Our dedication to our clients enables us to understand the full scope of your case, allowing us to formulate a comprehensive case strategy that is specially tailored to your needs. This results in a focused, collaborative effort to secure the maximum possible compensation you need.

Ronald Hilley - Georgia Personal Injury Lawyer
Ronald Hilley ClIENT SATISFACTION AWARD WINNER FOR 3 CONSECUTIVE YEARS “I was badly injured at work. Mr. Ronald Hilley worked very hard to settle my case. I am very grateful to have had him on my side. Thank you so very much and I totally recommend him…” - Sanita Pili Meet attorney Ron hilley
Mia Frieder - Georgia Personal Injury Lawyer
Mia Frieder The National Trial Lawyers Top 25, selected for membership in the Multi-Million Dollar Advocates Forum “Mia went over and above for me. You did an awesome job.” - Previous Client Meet attorney Mia frieder
Case Results

No matter how or where you were injured, the lawyers at Hilley & Frieder will help you get maximum compensation from all sources, including serious injury, medical errors, wrongful death, and workers’ compensation.

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Case Death of young man tried in Gwinnett County
Result $35,000,000
Case Medical malpractice involving brain injury
Result $8,000,000
Case Personal injury & workers’ compensation involving loss of limb
Result $1,200,000
Case Failure to diagnose breast cancer
Result $3,100,000
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ron sl
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Here to Protect Your Interests If You Have Been Injured

At Hilley & Frieder, we are exceptionally qualified to represent clients in all matters of personal injury law. This includes:

  • Serious injuries. Any accidents or acts of negligence that result in serious injuries may be grounds for a personal injury claim. We specialize in all types of serious injury cases, including motor vehicle accidents, premises liability claims, and product liability cases.
  • Medical malpractice. We expect all medical professionals to maintain a high standard of care to patients, ensuring their utmost safety and wellbeing. Failing to uphold this duty can result in devastating injuries and disorders for patients – some of which may result in permanent consequences. At Hilley & Frieder, our medical malpractice lawyers hold any negligent healthcare providers accountable for any acts of medical malpractice they have committed, ensuring injured patients receive justice and compensation for their damages.
  • Workers’ compensation. If you get injured on the job, workers’ compensation insurance should rightfully cover any damages – economic and non-economic. However, in many cases, employees are unaware of the many restrictions and complexities that can make full compensation difficult. As workers’ compensation attorneys, we advocate for the maximum possible compensation through your workers’ compensation claim – and if you do not receive what you are rightfully owed, we gladly explore other options for your needs.

Why Do You Need a Lawyer?

Whether you are seeking workers’ compensation for a workplace injury or pursuing a personal injury claim against a negligent party, it is crucial to retain an experienced attorney before proceeding with a lawsuit. Even seemingly simple, straightforward accident claims can quickly become complicated, with multiple parties, required evidence, and legal proceedings adding more layers of work. An experienced Atlanta accident lawyer already understands the legal process in most personal injury claims and has familiarity with the legal system – allowing them to proceed through the case with relative ease.

Additionally, an attorney is crucial if you are still recovering from your injuries or other damages. The litigation process can be difficult, if not impossible if you are confined to a hospital bed or still healing. An attorney serves as your legal proxy throughout the process, always acting on your behalf and with your best interests in mind. This can include negotiating with other parties on your behalf, ensuring that they are not taking advantage of you and your current status.

Ultimately, a personal injury lawyer provides you with the peace of mind to ensure that your claim proceeds smoothly so that you can focus on healing and recovery.

We Can Help You – Learn How

If you or a loved one has been seriously injured due to the negligence of another, please contact us immediately to discuss your case. Schedule a free consultation with us today to see how we can help.

Client Testimonials
“Hilley & Frieder restored my health, confidence, faith in legal matters and most of all my trust…

I fell backward, due to a substance carelessly left on the floor by an employee. After falling, I was in excruciating pain, embarrassed, confused, and didn’t know what to do. As a single mom, self-employed, with no reliable health coverage, this accident put a sudden stop to my busy lifestyle. To add to my fears, I knew I needed help facing this Mega Big Corporate Company. [Then] I found Hilley & Frieder and Mia not only recovered an astounding six-figure settlement on my behalf, but she also restored my health, confidence, faith in legal matters, and most of all my trust. The process went by quickly, too. I highly recommend Hilley & Frieder, hands down!”