Hilley & Frieder Results

Personal Injury & Wrongful Death

  • $35 Million: Death of young man tried in Gwinnett County
  • $1 Million: Automobile accident
  • $350,000.00: Automobile accident rotator cuff surgery
  • $450,000.00: Slip and fall herniated disks spine surgery
  • $325,000.00: Slip and fall arthroscopic knee surgery
  • $295,000.00: Slip and fall broken ankle

Worker suffered injury to knee while lifting. Arthroscopic surgery was recommended. During surgery, anesthesiologist performed femoral nerve block that caused permanent damage to leg. Our office filed suit against anesthesiologist. We obtained confidential settlement after completing discovery

Young man wearing dark clothing was walking along side of road on dark rainy night. No sidewalk was present in area of impact. Policy limits of driver paid.

Man in his late 40s was walking along access road at night wearing dark clothing. There was no sidewalk on access road. Police investigation concluded that our client was in roadway at time that he was struck by company driver. No offers prior to suit. After suit was filed in federal court and discovery completed confidential settlement obtained.

Medical Malpractice

  • $8 Million: Anoxic brain injury
  • $3.1 Million: Failure to diagnose breast cancer
  • $1.7 Million: Failure to diagnose breast cancer
  • $750,000.00: Failure to diagnose broken ankle
  • $185,000.00: Retained tube following surgery
  • $175,000.00: Retained sponge following surgery

Workers’ Compensation

Retail store worker suffered low back injury while twisting. Injury required low back surgery. Prior to settlement we successfully handled her social security disability claim. Total Workers’ Compensation recovery $335,000.00.

Employee of factory in southwest Georgia suffered non-surgical low back injury and injury to knee requiring arthroscopic surgery. Through our office employee awarded social security disability arising from work injury. Total Workers’ Compensation recovery $264,822.00.

Metro Atlanta warehouse worker developed carpel tunnel in both hands and had a carpel tunnel release for each wrist. Total Workers’ Compensation recovery $247,673.00.

Metro Atlanta construction worker suffered low back injury while lifting. Single low back surgery. Not eligible for social security due to young age. Total Workers’ Compensation recovery $207,584.00.

Retail sales person suffered injury to finger while setting up display requiring surgical repair to hand. Surgery did not result in employee’s ability to return to her job. Total Workers’ Compensation recovery $192,949.00.

Healthcare worker suffered non-surgical injury to neck which kept her from returning to her regular job. Insurance company and employer forced her to return to work twice doing paperwork. We successfully got her benefits restarted. Total Workers’ Compensation recovery $173,681.00.

Outside worker suffered injury to arm. Surgeon picked by insurance company performed unsuccessful surgery. We got a new doctor appointed as treating doctor. We got additional surgery approved and got client on weekly benefits. Total Workers’ Compensation recovery $167,763.00.

North Georgia construction worker suffered non-surgical low back injury while lifting. Total Workers’ Compensation recovery $111,073.00.

Contract worker suffered fractured ankle while working out of town. Insurance company initially paid weekly benefits of less than $150.00 per week. After successful hearing which resulted in increase of weekly benefits to $500.00 per week, claim was settled for $90,000.00.

West Georgia machine operator suffered broken finger while working at factory. Within 1 month of surgery, company wanted employee to come back to work, but he could not do his regular job. We successfully restarted his weekly benefits and got him additional medical care. Total Workers’ Compensation recovery $87,579.00.

Employee with insurance funded ERISA Plan was denied benefits for Permanent Total Disability. Suit filed. Confidential settlement paid.