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Case Results

Car Accident (Confidential)

Recovered Maximum Policy limits of both driver and underinsured motorist coverage. Our client was a passenger in a car. The driver of the car lost control and had a collision at about 2 a.m. on a Sunday morning. Our client left the scene of the collision and caught a ride to a local hospital. The driver did not tell the police that our client was in the car at the time of the collision. When we presented the claim to the driver’s insurance company. The driver’s insurance refused to pay since our client was not on the police report. We got the police report corrected and made demand for the full policy limits of the driver’s insurance. Our client did not own a car so we submitted an underinsured demand to her mother’s insurance company. The insurance company only offered less than the limits. We filed suit and within a few months, collected the full limits of our client’s mother’s policy. All the money available was collected for our client.

Wrongful Death – $35M

Wrongful death of a young man. Case tried in Gwinnett County.

Medical Malpractice – $8M

Anoxic brain injury.

Medical Malpractice – $6.8M

Surgical issue.

Medical Malpractice – $1.7M

Failure to diagnose breast cancer.

Personal Injury – Auto Accident – $1M

Automobile accident

Slip-And-Fall Accident (Confidential)

Confidential settlement for a delivery driver who fell on the owner’s property while delivering packages. The delivery driver fell due to a dangerous condition on a homeowner’s property while delivering a package. Prior to the suit, no offers by the insurance company. After the suit, we secured a confidential settlement of over 90% of the available insurance coverage from homeowner’s insurance.

Medical Malpractice – $750K

Failure to diagnose a broken ankle.

Personal Injury – Slip-And-Fall Accident – $450K

Premises liability: slip-and-fall accident that resulted in herniated disks requiring spine surgery.

Workers’ Compensation – $360K

WC settlement with Great American Insurance. Injury to ankle and foot. Worker suffered injury to ankle and foot while working at a warehouse. Separately, a seven-figure settlement was paid by the company causing the injury. Great American suspended our client’s benefits and failed to pay other money on time. Initial offers were less than $200,000 but through our efforts, our client recovered $360,000 plus all the benefits that were due him prior to settlement (2020).

Workers’ Compensation – $356K

$356,000 total recovery. Injury to our client’s dominant hand. The worker suffered an injury to the dominant hand. Our office was hired shortly after the injury and had the opportunity to help the client with several problems. When we were first hired, the insurance company (Sedgwick) was underpaying our client by $150 per week. Some months later, Sedgwick stopped sending checks and we got the WC board to make Sedgwick pay our client his benefits without deduction of attorney fees so that Sedgwick was paying fees to us without taking money from our client. The numerous medical problems created during the claim are too many to mention. After many battles, Sedgwick finally paid a fair settlement to get rid of the case. Settlement: $225,000 (2019).

Personal Injury – Auto Accident – $350K

Automobile accident resulting in required rotator cuff surgery.

Workers’ Compensation – $335K

$335,000 Retail store worker suffered a low back injury while twisting. The injury required low back surgery. Prior to settlement we successfully handled her social security disability claim. Total Workers’ Compensation recovery.

Personal Injury – Slip-And-Fall Accident – $325K

Premises Liability: Slip-and-fall accident that resulted in knee injury which required arthroscopic knee surgery.

Personal Injury – Slip-And-Fall Accident – $295K

Premises Liability: Slip-and-fall accident that produced a broken ankle injury.

Workers’ Compensation – $295K

$294,544 total recovery. Knee injury caused when client misstepped. With this case, there were only occasional problems with paying medical bills and delayed checks. Ace American Insurance Company settled for $135,000 (2020).

Workers’ Compensation – $291K

Total workers’ compensation recovery for ankle injury with settlement of $90,000 plus auto-recovery for policy limits of $100,000. Our client was driving company truck which had mechanical problems. While returning from a service call, he was involved in a collision. Since he was taken straight to the hospital and the police officer only spoke with the other driver, our client was blamed for the collision. As a result of our suit against the other driver, we proved that our client was not at fault and recovered $100,000 policy limits from the auto collision. We then settled the workers’ compensation claim for $90,000.

Workers’ Compensation – $284K

An employee suffered a crush injury to the finger, requiring amputation. The insurance company wanted to limit the prosthesis to a rubber finger that looked like a finger but did nothing. We secured a mechanical finger that permits typing and computer work. After securing the mechanical prosthesis, we settled for $185,000.

Workers’ Compensation – $265K

$264,822. An employee of a factory in southwest Georgia suffered a non-surgical lower back injury and injury to the knee requiring arthroscopic surgery. Through our office, the employee was awarded Social Security Disability arising from work injury. Total Workers’ Compensation recovery.

Workers’ Compensation – $248K

$247,673. Metro Atlanta warehouse worker developed carpel tunnel in both hands and had a carpel tunnel release for each wrist. Total Workers’ Compensation recovery.

Workers’ Compensation – $240K

$240,000 Workers’ Compensation Recovery including settlement of $152,000. – Employee/ delivery driver who was working temporary position slipped and fell necessitating elbow surgery. When we were first hired client was not receiving medical care or weekly benefits. We secured both for client. After receiving needed medical care case was settled. In addition we recovered a confidential settlement from the property owner where she fell.

Workers’ Compensation – $225K

$224,528 Total recovery. Truck driver whose responsibilities required deliveries suffered injury to low back while unloading goods at delivery stop. Was out of work until Indemnity Insurance stopped paying weekly benefits based on claim that doctor had released client to regular duty work. We met with company doctor and learned that the insurance company had not given proper job description for work release. Doctor signed off on statement that client could not do regular job. After we got benefits restarted, settled for $144,000 (2019).

Workers’ Compensation – $224K

$223,623 Total recovery. Injury to shoulder with surgical repair. Our office was hired late in the claim when the insurance carrier was trying to cut off employee’s benefits. Employee was told to return to work but could not do the “light duty” job. Insurance company, FCCI, refused to restart benefits after our client left the job. The insurance doctors all said that employee was as good as new after surgery and could do his former job. Our office got a different medical opinion, got benefits started again and reached a $100,000 settlement (2019).

Workers’ Compensation – $208K

$207,584. Metro Atlanta construction worker suffered a low back injury while lifting. Single low back surgery. Not eligible for social security due to young age. Total Workers’ Compensation recovery.

Workers’ Compensation – $193K

$193,096. Total workers’ compensation recovery. An undocumented worker suffered an injury to his knee. Claim denied. We obtained medical care and treatment for the employee. After he recovered, we settled the claim for $80,000. (2020)

Workers’ Compensation – $193K

$192,949. Retail salesperson suffered an injury to her finger while setting up display requiring surgical repair to hand. Surgery did not result in the employee’s ability to return to her job. Total Workers’ Compensation recovery.

Medical Malpractice – $185K

Retained tube following surgery.

Workers’ Compensation – $175K

Workers’ Compensation – disputed employment. After our client was told by other attorneys that he did not have a WC case, he hired Hilley & Frieder. Our client twisted his back while stepping from the driver’s compartment of a tractor- tanker fuel truck.

Medical Malpractice – $175K

Retained sponge following surgery.

Workers’ Compensation


$173,681.00 Healthcare worker suffered non-surgical injury to neck which kept her from returning to her regular job. Insurance company and employer forced her to return to work twice doing paperwork. We successfully got her benefits restarted. Total Workers’ Compensation recovery.

Workers’ Compensation – $168K

$167,763. Outside worker suffered an injury to their arm. Surgeon picked by insurance company performed unsuccessful surgery. We got a new doctor appointed as treating doctor. We got additional surgery approved and got client on weekly benefits. Total Workers’ Compensation recovery

Workers’ Compensation – $135K

$135,000. Knee injury. Total Workers’ Compensation recovery.

Workers’ Compensation – $128K

A settlement for post-surgical rotator cuff tear. Client suffered a torn rotator cuff while lifting overhead. After surgery, his doctor contended that he was recovered. We resolved the dispute for $127,500.

Workers’ Compensation – $127K

$126,975. Total recovery. Knee injury. Our office was hired, when our client’s employer and its insurance company, Middlesex Insurance denied that he was injured, would not provide medical care and refused to pay weekly benefits. We filed a hearing request and through discovery proved the injury and that the employer did not have a proper list of doctors. Within a few months, our client was receiving medical care from a doctor he chose and getting paid weekly benefits. Within 18 months the claim was settled for $70,000.00 (2020).

Workers’ Compensation – $122K

Nonsurgical back injury. Our client had drawn worker’s compensation for about 30 weeks when the insurance doctors advised that he had fully recovered and could go back to work that involved lifting.  We secured treatment with a more favorable doctor and recovered a settlement of $122,000.

Workers’ Compensation – $111K

$111,073. North Georgia construction worker suffered non-surgical low back injury while lifting. Total Workers’ Compensation recovery.

Workers’ Compensation – $90K

$90,000.00 Contract worker suffered a fractured ankle while working out of town. Insurance company initially paid weekly benefits of less than $150.00 per week. After successful hearing which resulted in an increase of weekly benefits to $500.00 per week, the claim was settled for.

Workers’ Compensation – $88K

$87,579; West Georgia machine operator suffered a broken finger while working at a factory. Within 1 month of surgery, the company wanted the employee to come back to work, but he could not do his regular job. We successfully restarted his weekly benefits and got him additional medical care. Total workers’ compensation recovery.

Workers’ Compensation – $88K

Nonsurgical back injury. After another attorney told our client that he did not have a case and withdrew when the insurance company stopped paying him workers’ compensation benefits after 13 weeks, we determined otherwise and closed his case for $87,500.

Personal Injury – Workplace Injury (Confidential)

The worker suffered an injury to the knee while lifting. Arthroscopic surgery was recommended. During surgery, the anesthesiologist performed a femoral nerve block that caused permanent damage to the leg. Our office filed suit against the anesthesiologist. We obtained a confidential settlement after completing discovery.

Personal Injury – Pedestrian Accident (Confidential)

Our client, a man in his late 40s, was walking along an access road at night wearing dark clothing. There was no sidewalk on the access road. The police investigation concluded that our client was in the roadway at the time that he was struck by a company driver. No offers were submitted prior to suit. After the suit was filed in federal court and discovery completed, a confidential settlement was obtained.

Workers’ Compensation (Confidential)

An employee with insurance-funded ERISA plan was denied benefits for Permanent Total Disability. Suit filed. Confidential settlement paid.

Personal Injury – Pedestrian Accident (Policy Limits)

Our client, a young man, was wearing dark clothing when walking along the side of the road on a dark and rainy night. No sidewalk was present in the area of impact. Policy limits of the driver were paid to our client.

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