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Misdiagnosis a factor in more than a third of malpractice claims

As patients, we rely on medical professionals to accurately assess what’s wrong. We expect a timely and accurate diagnosis — and rightly so. The correct diagnosis is the foundation of an effective treatment plan. Medical professionals and institutions are supposed to be equipped with the right training, expertise and tools to get to the root of the problem.

Misdiagnosis, it turns out, is far more common than many people realize. According to one recent study, it was a factor in more than one-third of medical negligence claims where the patient suffered serious or fatal effects. Overall, diagnosis errors amounted to nearly 30 percent of payouts in malpractice claims.

Partner Mia Frieder featured in Trial magazine

We are proud to announce that partner Mia I. Frieder has been featured in this month's issue of Trial magazine. The August 2019 issue contains an article called, "An Obligation to Vet," in which Ms. Frieder explores the legal responsibility of hospitals that hire negligent providers.

In the article, Ms. Frieder tells the story of adult children who lost their father because an opioid-addicted doctor discharged him prematurely. His children brought a wrongful death lawsuit against the doctor as well as a claim for "negligent credentialing" against the hospital that hired him and allowed him to practice while under the influence of opiate painkillers.

Pedestrian fatalities and the meaning of full value of life

If a motorist hits a pedestrian, the walker or jogger will usually incur the most severe injuries, and it is not unusual for the victim to die.

If driver negligence results in the pedestrian fatality, the surviving family members may recover the full value of life of the person who died.

Increase to Georgia Workers' Compensation Benefits Starting July 1

On July 1, several amendments to Georgia's workers' compensation laws went into effect. The state increased maximum payouts on several types of workers' compensation benefits, including:

  • Raising the maximum payout for temporary total disability (TTD) benefits from $575 per week to $675 per week
  • Raising the maximum payout for temporary partial disability (TPD) benefits from $383 per week to $450 per week
  • Raising the maximum death payout to a surviving spouse from $230,000 to $270,000 

Workers' compensation and the most common injuries for claims

The Travelers Companies released a survey about workers’ compensation claims. More than 1.5 million workers participated in the survey, and the results may surprise you.

Here are the top five workplace injuries, the injuries with the highest associated costs and the major causes for the injuries that appear most often in workers’ compensation claims.

The top cause of nursing home neglect

When you hear horror stories about nursing homes, do you ever wonder how they can be true? What is behind the rates of neglect and abuse that occur in these facilities that are supposed to be taking care of vulnerable seniors? 

One significant factor is so simple to remedy that it is surprising that it continues: understaffing. Not having enough workers on hand accounts for the majority of most injuries at nursing homes. Make sure the facility your parent is at is not suffering from this problem to lower the likelihood of your loved one experiencing harm.

Common ways children get hurt in car accidents

As a parent, you want to do everything in your power to keep your children safe in every environment, including the car. You use the proper booster seats and restraints to prevent injuries. Even with these protections, you can never predict when an auto accident may occur or how serious it may be.

According to the CDC, motor vehicle collisions are a leading cause of fatalities among American kids. In fact, 723 children died, and more than 128,000 sustained injuries in crashes in 2016. What are the most common injuries for children in car accidents? It is important to know what risks your children face in the event of a wreck, so you can be ready to care for them. 

Filing a successful workers' compensation claim

Dangerous conditions create opportunities for injuries all the time. For those injured on the job, it may be possible to receive much needed monetary relief through workers' compensation benefits.

A proper workers' compensation claim begins with the filing process. There are a few significant factors that contribute to a successful claim.

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