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Tips for keeping commercial drivers safe on the roads

On Behalf of | Nov 26, 2014 | Truck Accidents

While some people in the Atlanta, Georgia area use a vehicle to get to work, others use it as a part of doing their job. In some cases those individuals drive commercial vehicles such as tractor-trailers. Regardless of how closely that individual follows the rules of the road, it is possible that others will not. This could result in a motor vehicle accident occurring. 

There are things that all occupants of vehicles can do to try to minimize any injuries that occur in these situations. One of those things is to wear a seat belt. For individuals who drive a commercial motor vehicle, this is a requirement.

To work as intended it is impossible that the seat belt not be allowed to become too loose. In addition, the shoulder strap should not be too tight or be worn behind the driver’s back or under the driver’s arms. Instead, it should be placed across the center of the shoulder and chest. The buckle should not be placed on the abdomen or stomach area. Rather, the lap belt should be positioned against the driver’s thighs, 2 to 4 inches below that person’s waist.

If it fits properly, should a crash occur, a seat belt can do several things including keeping an occupant from being thrown from the vehicle, absorb crash forces, provide impact protection and hold a person in the “safe zone” should the vehicle collapse around them.

Of course even if someone who drives for a living is wearing a seat belt properly when he or she is involved in a crash it is possible that person could be hurt. When injury inducing truck accidents which result in a worker being unable to work, occur in the course of one’s employment it is possible that workers’ compensation benefits could be sought. In addition, a lawsuit against the party responsible for the incident could be filed as well.

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