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Georgia community raises money for car accident victim

On Behalf of | Dec 22, 2014 | Car Accidents

Thanks to certain fundraising websites, friends, and families of those going through a difficult time due to medical costs or other unexpected expenses can now quickly spread the word about fundraising activities. A Georgia community has recently begun raising funds to help the family of a car accident victim. The driver who police say caused the accident now faces criminal charges.

The accident happened in early December. Police say that a woman in a minivan with two children stopped at a red light. As they waited, a man driving a sports car allegedly lost control and drove off an overpass before landing on the van and another vehicle.

The driver of the minivan has been in a coma since the accident, and family members say they are concerned about the extent of the damage to her brain. One of the children is suffering from a broken pelvis and will likely spend Christmas in the hospital. The driver of the sports car now faces a traffic-related charge, but police continue to investigate the accident. It is unclear if there were any other injuries in the accident.

In addition to dealing with the stress of the unknown regarding their loved one’s medical condition and prognosis as a result of the car accident, a lengthy hospital stay with extensive medical treatments will likely result in significant medical bills. Additionally, the family will have to cope with the loss of the woman’s wages as she may never be able to return to work in the same capacity. While the community raises money for them, the family will likely face extensive, long-term financial burdens. There are legal options available to the family that would allow for the pursuit of monetary damages in a Georgia civil court. A successfully argued case could result in an award that would ease the uncertainty regarding the family’s financial future.

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