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Proper equipment important when riding motorcycles

On Behalf of | Dec 19, 2014 | Motorcycle Accidents

Most motorcyclists are likely aware of the risks involved riding the vehicle. As a result of motorcycles being so much smaller than other vehicles on the road, those behind the wheel of cars and trucks often have a hard time seeing them. This can lead to collisions that render those riding the motorcycle seriously injured and maybe even result in their death. This is clearly an outcome that no one wants.

To try to protect themselves from this outcome, there are things that motorcyclists and their passengers can do. While operating the motorcycle in a responsible manner is of course paramount, what they are wearing is also important. This is true from head to toe.

Motorcyclists should wear something on their feet that is durable and covers their feet, ankles and the lower portion of the legs. Athletic shoes may meet that definition but leather boots are the most desirable option.

Riders can protect their hands by wearing gloves. Depending on the weather there are different types of gloves that are appropriate. The important thing is that they are non-slip. Here again leather is a good option.

The extremities should also be covered. Pants should not be too loose. The material these articles are made out of should be either leather or a durable synthetic.

A rider’s head may be the most important thing to protect. As readers are likely aware, helmets are required in the state of Georgia. The best helmets for all to wear will have a DOT label on them. Others made of lower quality material are not sufficient. If a helmet does not have a shield, glasses with safety lenses or goggles should be worn.

Because there is nothing motorcyclists can do to keep other drivers from driving in a negligent manner, it is important they do all they can to keep themselves safe. Wearing the proper gear could save their life.

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