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Winter weather conditions prompt warnings from state

On Behalf of | Feb 27, 2015 | Truck Accidents

While individuals who reside in the northern part of the country get used to, and are prepared to face, winter weather conditions every year, the same cannot be said of the states located in the southern part of the nation, like Georgia. Though people from all states could find themselves involved in a weather-related crash, since those in southern states do not regularly have a chance to practice driving in winter conditions, when colder temperatures and icy roads do appear, they are at a greater risk of being involved in a crash.

In an effort to keep these incidents to a minimum this past week, officials took the time to warn drivers about the dangers these conditions can present and the steps they were prepared to take to reduce them. For example, the state let truckers and trucking companies know that it is possible for them to be ordered off the road.

There are multiple reasons why this might be done. The first is that it could keep a truck crash from occurring. Second, trucks of this size stranded on roads could make it difficult for emergency response teams to get through to help those who are hurt. Though crashes occur for a variety of reasons, slowing down in bad weather can go a long way toward preventing them from happening.

When drivers do not drive according to what road conditions dictate, and a crash occurs, they may be deemed negligent in their operation of the vehicle. When others are hurt it is possible that the injured parties could seek compensation via a personal injury lawsuit. In these instances, a lawyer may be of assistance to help secure compensation for those injuries.