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More in depth motorcycle safety courses could improve safety

On Behalf of | Mar 6, 2015 | Motorcycle Accidents

Let’s face it, for most people safety courses are a hoop that needs to be jumped through before being able to do an activity that one loves. In many cases a course will be dry and may only touch on the things that someone should actually be concerned about. This is for the most part true regardless of what the safety course is for, including motorcycle safety. One Georgia instructor aims to make his motorcycle safety classes different.

The military man recognized a need for a good safety program after he himself was forced to enroll in one on his base, after returning to the United States following a stint in Korea. When he shared tips about what should be covered in such a course with his own instructor—who did not even own a motorcycle—he found himself with another job.

His efforts have paid off. In 2014, there were no motorcycle-related deaths in his division. While he works with other individuals in the military, his tips could be relevant for anyone who enjoys riding.

The instructor stresses the importance of a rider knowing him or herself. Understanding how one’s body responds in different situations is the first step in modifying those responses as necessary. Instructors can help by demonstrating various techniques—such as emergency stopping, throttle control and body positioning—on multiple types of bikes so riders better understand how to approach things.

He also touts the importance of knowing and being comfortable with one’s bike. This includes not only understanding how to best handle it on the road, but performing proper maintenance as well. Recognizing that a motorcycle that has not been ridden for several months could need some attention before heading out for a ride could be what prevents a crash from occurring.

Last, attend a course that provides instruction on how to be safe in real world situations. Though many training courses take place in a parking lot, most riders don’t limit their time on a motorcycle to situations like that. A course that provides guidance in how to handle things that might happen when the motorcycle is travelling at higher speeds is likely of much more use.