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Atlanta drivers: Use caution when driving in spring

On Behalf of | Apr 9, 2015 | Car Accidents


People all across the country flock to Georgia to live or vacation for many reasons, but one popular draw is our southern climate.

However, the weather isn’t always perfect; neither are Atlanta drivers. There are many days, especially during this time of year when there is the potential for rain and even thunderstorms. People need to be prepared for how to drive in the changing conditions. Unfortunately, this doesn’t always happen.

Too many people fail to adjust their driving behaviors in accordance with changing road conditions and this can lead to serious and potentially fatal car accidents. Springtime weather — primarily the precipitation — can have a significant impact on how cars and drivers behave.

For instance, car tires that are not properly inflated or are too old may be prone to skidding and sliding when the roads are wet. Broken or ineffective windshield wipers may not be able to do their job. Cars can even hydroplane when the brakes are applied due to the loss of traction that can happen on wet roads.

Drivers can also be affected by spring storms. They can lose significant visibility when the skies are dark and cloudy or when rainfall is so heavy that it is hard to see through it. They may panic when they start sliding and make unexpected moves. Drivers can also be nervous or scared while driving and end up taking risks they wouldn’t normally take just so they can get home. In some cases, they can be so distracted by the weather around them that they are not focusing on the road.

Because of how spring storms and rain can affect motorists and their vehicles, it is crucial to remember that you often need to slow down, calm down and use extra precaution when driving on wet roads.

In the event of a car accident during a storm, it may be wise to speak with an attorney afterwards. In some cases, it may be established that an accident was all but unavoidable, considering road conditions. In other cases, however, an investigation may reveal that another driver’s negligence or reckless behavior was to blame. If the latter is the case, it can be possible for victims and their families to pursue compensation for damages suffered in the crash.

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