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4 types of drivers that put Atlanta pedestrians in danger

On Behalf of | Jun 1, 2015 | Pedestrian Accidents

Atlanta is an extremely busy city. Metro roads are often congested with car, foot and bicycle traffic which can make for a chaotic environment. In recent years, groups across the state have put numerous resources in place to try and make the roads safer, but unfortunately accidents are still happening. Sadly, many of them prove to be catastrophic for the most vulnerable people on the road: pedestrians.

Pedestrian accidents are far too common in Atlanta and all across Georgia, and many of them are caused by motorists. We have discussed this topic before. In this article, for example, we discussed the fact that drivers making a left-hand turn are a primary cause of pedestrian accidents. However, there are several other behaviors in which motorists engage that can put the lives and safety of pedestrians in danger.

There are four general types of drivers that can cause a serious pedestrian accident.

  • Distracted drivers: These days, it is not unusual to see drivers eating, using their phone, typing something into a GPS device or grooming when they should be focused on driving. If someone’s eyes, attention or hands are on something other than the task of driving, they can cause a serious accident.
  • Impaired: Drunk or drugged drivers can be particularly dangerous. They can miss traffic signs; their reflexes can be delayed; their vision and logical thinking capabilities can be seriously compromised. All this can impact their ability to see pedestrians and make safe, predictable decisions.
  • Reckless: People who engage in dangerous driving activities without an appreciation for the consequences can be referred to as reckless. These are drivers who speed, ignore traffic signs, race through intersections without looking around and fail to share the road responsibly with others.
  • Careless: Drivers who simply fail to comply with the rules of the road can also put pedestrians in danger. These are drivers who may drive without a license, forget to use a turn signal, roll through stop signs, or make seemingly erratic decisions.

Each of these types of drivers has the potential to cause a serious or fatal pedestrian accident. Any person who is injured in a crash caused by a driver who falls into one of these categories should know that they may have grounds to pursue a legal claim for compensation.

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