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Woman charged in hit-and-run in Atlanta

On Behalf of | Nov 25, 2015 | Car Accidents

Every accident involves responsibility for the person whose actions or inactions caused it. Of particular concern though are the cases where the person at fault leaves the scene without checking on the victim they hurt. One of these hit-and-run accidents occurred recently in Atlanta, Georgia, on Arizona Avenue at about 1:30 a.m. on a recent morning.

According to preliminary investigations, the victim was getting out of the vehicle she was in when the driver of another car accelerated in reverse. When that happened, the victim was struck and knocked flat to the ground. The victim died as a result of the injuries she suffered.

The driver who hit her fled the scene without stopping to see if the victim was OK or if any medical attention could be brought to her. It is not known if medical attention could have helped or if the victim died right away after being hit.

The driver, a woman, 45, turned herself in to police later the day of the accident. Because of her culpability in the accident, the woman has been charged with first-degree homicide by vehicle. In addition to that primary charge, she faces two secondary charges as well. Those are two counts of hit and run and one count of reckless driving. She was booked at DeKalb County jail.

Police are looking into whether it was intentional or not. Photographs have been released of the woman being booked and of the scene where the victim was hit. In cases like this, those at fault often face not only criminal charges but also the legal action that the family of the victim pursues.

Source: Previously published article on The Atlanta Journal-Constitution, “Woman charged in fatal hit-and-run in northeast Atlanta,” David Markiewicz and Mike Morris, Nov. 11, 2015