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What should motorcyclists do to stay safe in winter?

On Behalf of | Dec 4, 2015 | Motorcycle Accidents

Motorcycle riding includes inherent dangers, making it incumbent upon motorcycle riders to do everything that they can to minimize the risks to others as well as to themselves.

So, this winter, what can they do?

One is to keep from having your faculties hobbled by freezing temperatures. You can strive towards accomplishing that by suiting up every time you get on a bike. Wear comfortable gear in multiple layers that will keep you warm from the moment that you get on the bike to the time you get off of it. Of course, you also need to maintain mobility as well, so make sure that what you wear doesn’t restrict your movements and your ability to control the motorcycle.

What can be done for the motorcycle?

In winter, snow can fly through the air and impair your vision. Be prepared for that, and make sure that your motorcycle has a good windshield. Also, keep it clean and pack what you need to clean it off again whenever needed. Additionally, you may want to wear protective gear over your eyes to keep snow from getting in them.

What about the tires?

Cold weather leads to cold tires, which in turn leads to less traction. Compound that with slippery, icy roads, and you have a problem that you need to address before you even get on the motorcycle. Check your tires every single time before you get on the bike. Make sure that your tires are treaded for winter riding. Check the tire pressure as well. If that isn’t right, your odds of an accident skyrocket. Keep in mind that this list is not all inclusive, and it is the responsibility of every motorcycle rider to go over everything they can do to keep safe on their own so they can avoid hurting anyone, getting hurt and getting into legal problems.

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