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Preventing head and neck injuries in motorcycle accidents

On Behalf of | Jan 22, 2016 | Motorcycle Accidents

When you ride a motorcycle in Georgia, there are certain standards that should be met or you may get into an accident that causes injury. For instance, your helmet must meet certain standards.

You should wear an approved helmet. Many motorcycles end up in crashes, mostly due to inexperienced driving. One in five accidents that involve motorcycles end up with head or neck injuries. Research has proven that wearing the correct helmet will help you avoid a neck or head injury if you are in a motorcycle accident.

Some riders don’t wear helmets (there is not a helmet law in Georgia) because they think it limits their peripheral view. Others only wear them when they are on long trips or plan to be going at faster speeds. Wearing a helmet may allow you to come away from an accident without injury to your head and neck.

There was a study done on 900 bikers and 40 percent of the riders wore helmets; not even one said that it limited their view or that they were unable to spot danger. Most motorcycle crashes occur within five miles after beginning the ride. Another statistic says that most cyclists are riding under 30 miles per hour when the accidents occur.

No matter how long you have been riding, helmets prevent up to three times the number of accident injuries compared to riders who don’t wear them.

If you have been in a motorcycle accident and have been injured, you may not only need to see a doctor but you may want to discuss this with a legal professional. This advocate can assist you in getting a fair settlement through the insurance company or can bring your case to court if necessary.

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