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Father and son charged in deadly crash

On Behalf of | Feb 3, 2016 | Car Accidents

A father and son have been charged for their part in a deadly crash that took the lives of retired Center for Disease Control researchers.

It began when the police attempted to pull a vehicle over. This was around 10:35 in the evening. The vehicle in question was a Ford Crown Victoria, a vehicle often used as a police squad car, and the officer who spotted it noted that it had multiple antennae, making it look like something suspicious was going on.

The 47-year-old man behind the wheel looked like he would stop initially, but then he pulled back onto the road and tried to run from the police. At one point, he hit 83 MPH. The chase took just a few minutes and covered only four miles, but it ended when the Crown Victoria slammed into a Mercedes near the intersection where Jay Bird Alley and Peachtree Parkway come together.

The two people in the Mercedes were in their late 70s, and both were killed in the accident.

The offending driver and his son, who is 18, both suffered minor injuries and were first taken to Gwinnett Medical Center, but they were later arrested. The son faces charges for drug and weapons violations. The father faces even more charges, including a pair of counts for vehicular homicide, charges for trafficking methamphetamine, DUI charges, and possession drug charges for LSD, cocaine, and marijuana.

When a reckless driver causes an accident, especially when he or she breaks the law in the process, the family members of those who are killed may be able to seek compensation in Georgia.

Source: Previously published article on Atlanta Journal-Constitution, “Father, son charged in wreck that killed retired CDC researchers,” Jan. 29, 2016