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HERO worker dies 6 months after being hit by drunk driver

On Behalf of | Mar 30, 2016 | Drunk Driving Accidents

Drunk driving incidents nearly always have adverse effects. These can include damage to vehicles and surrounding property, injuries to drivers, passengers, and pedestrians, and even death. Not to mention the legal hot water it puts drunk drivers in. Sometimes it takes months for all of the effects to take place. That is true in an Atlanta, Georgia, case in which a HERO worker died six months after being hit by a drunk driver.

The worker, 44, was working on the Downtown Connector. He had finished training on Jan. 22 and had become a HERO operator. Although new to the position, the Georgia DOT Commissioner said that he exhibited professionalism, aptitude, and responsibility. He worked overnight weekend “Delta” shifts.

On Aug. 1, the worker was setting out flares in order to block two lanes of traffic on the Connector near 17th street. A woman driving a 2006 Mazda, 25, hit him and another vehicle. That woman is now facing six charges, including an accident involving serious injury and DUI.

The worker was taken to a hospital with critical injuries. Now, over six months later, he has died due to those injuries. The woman who hit him with her vehicle is out on bond and, barring any change, will remain so until her trial. She may or may not face new charges due to her victim’s death.

Cases like this one show how much damage drunk driving incidents can do. They hurt people to the extent of taking their lives. For that reason, friends and family members of drinkers should make sure they don’t drive after having alcohol, even if that means calling them a cab or hiding their car keys. When a drunk driving incident does happen, victims should seek long-term medical care and get a great lawyer to work for them.

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