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How can I avoid intersection accidents?

On Behalf of | Jul 1, 2016 | Car Accidents

Being a safe driver is not limited to the actions you take behind the wheel. Preparing for many different driving scenarios by understanding various risky situations ahead of time can mean the difference between a close call and serious injury or death. While Intersections can provide a host of driving dangers, understanding the risk factors involved with intersection-related accidents can help you minimize the likelihood experiencing one.

Poor road design is a huge factor in many intersection accidents. Many intersections lack left turn lanes, which greatly increases likelihood of accidents. There are also many intersections which feature only stop signs where more specific traffic signals would be much safer. Be sure to use extra caution when turning left in an intersection that does not feature a designated left turn lane or whenever there are only stop signs and not traffic signals.

Many intersections feature dangerous view obstructions that make it difficult for a driver to see oncoming traffic in a timely way. Especially during late night or early morning periods of decreased visibility, a driver approaching such an intersection while not being alert to these potential dangers may be unable to stop for oncoming traffic in time. it is always wise to approach intersections with cluttered sightless with extra caution.

Sometimes an intersection occurs between two roads with unequal speed limits, and in many cases, only the slower road is required to stop before crossing the higher speed road. These intersections can be especially dangerous for those who crossing the higher-speed roadway while hauling a trailer.

Even for the most conscientious drivers, car accidents can and do occur. Having qualified legal guidance in the aftermath of a car accident of any kind can help to protect your rights and ensure that any injuries or damages related to the accident receive fair consideration.

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