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Minor Georgia driving laws to prevent accidents

On Behalf of | Sep 23, 2016 | Car Accidents

In an effort to reduce car accidents, the state of Georgia has some relatively minor traffic laws on the books that it’s important for residents to know about. It’s also wise to dispel some myths about laws that don’t actually exist.

To start with, you must take out your earbuds before you get behind the wheel — at least on one side. While some states say that wearing headphones is fine, Georgia only allows you to wear one at a time so that you can still hear the road around you.

One myth is that you must have your shoes on when you’re behind the wheel. This, however, has never been true in Georgia. You can legally jump in your car on the way home from the beach without bothering to slip your shoes back on.

For drivers who are under 18, cellphones are totally off limits. You can’t call, you can’t text, and you can’t post pictures to Instagram. You’re not allowed to use the device in any way.

Slow drivers can’t use the left lane. This is called the Slowpoke Law, and it’s relatively new. If you’re on the interstate and someone comes up behind you going at a faster rate of speed — even if he or she is breaking the speed limit and you’re not — you have to move to the right as soon as possible. Not doing so can congest traffic, and you can be pulled over, even if you were going exactly the speed limit.

Have you been involved in an accident with a driver who was breaking any of these laws? If so, that could help your case as you seek financial compensation.

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