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Parents can’t let their kids be a distraction

On Behalf of | Nov 11, 2016 | Car Accidents

When you see a “Baby on Board” sign, it’s meant to warn you to drive carefully because there’s a child in the car. However, reports show that maybe parents aren’t the ones who should be nervous; maybe it should be you. After all, kids are one of the biggest distractions for drivers, and distractions can lead to accidents.

Experts have offered some advice to parents so that they can help prevent their kids from being a distraction. These tips include:

1. Making the children wait.

Even if they’re yelling for a snack, a toy, or anything else, parents should wait until the car is in park before helping.

2. Never taking their eyes off of the road.

Even if parents are talking to kids in the back seat, they shouldn’t turn around to do it.

3. Pulling over when needed.

People are often on tight schedules, but sometimes it’s better to pull over for two minutes, deal with the children, and then drive on. After all, causing an accident while trying to save 120 seconds in traffic is going to be far worse.

4. Giving children their own distractions.

Some children like to listen to music, and others like to watch videos. Parents can buy devices, such as tablet computers that can be strapped to the back of the front seats, so that kids can be entertained on the road. If the kids are distracted, the driver won’t be, and that’s far safer.

Of course, parents do not always follow these guidelines. If a distracted parent hit your vehicle and injured you, it’s important to know how to seek compensation. This can cover medical costs, pain and suffering, lost wages, and the like.

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