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Truckers who suffer from burnout are dangerous

On Behalf of | Dec 16, 2016 | Truck Accidents

A lot of people think of trucker fatigue as one of the only situations that can impact a trucker’s ability to drive safely. Truckers can also suffer from burnout, which is a completely different situation. This can also be a dangerous event. Trucker burnout might not be as common these days as it was in the past because of the hours of service rule that sets maximum work hours for truckers; however, it is still a problem that can occur.

There are some big differences when it comes to trucker fatigue and burnout. Fatigue occurs when you need sleep or rest. Burnout is much more intense and often feels like you are teetering on the edge of sanity. Burnout is likely to lead to a mental breakdown, but you will usually feel some relief from fatigue if you get sleep.

Crying, suicidal thoughts, and lack of care are all components that can occur when a trucker is suffering from burnout. These can all affect the trucker’s ability to drive in a safe manner. In fact, stress is one of the possible causes of fatigue, so you could say that burnout and fatigue have some connection.

Trucking companies do have deadlines to meet since customers need their goods on time; however, this desire to meet deadlines mustn’t put the truckers and others on the road in danger. If you are injured in an accident that can be attributed to trucker burnout or fatigue, you might choose to seek compensation for the injuries you suffered. You might be able to add the trucking company as a defendant in the case.

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