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Think carefully before comparing your case to other cases

On Behalf of | Feb 3, 2017 | Truck Accidents

In our previous blog post, we discussed the case of the survivor of a truck accident who was awarded $15 million. While this case is certainly a notable one, it is important to think about a few points before you make a decision about what to do about your semi truck accident case. We can help you to understand why you shouldn’t compare your case to others, even if they are similar.

First, every semi truck crash case is different. In the story from last week, the victim suffered a brain injury. Unless the circumstances of your crash, your injuries and the effects of those injuries were the exact same as the person in that story, your case can’t be handled in the same manner.

Second, you have to figure out the damages in your case. Even if your circumstances were similar to the person in last week’s case, you would still have to factor in what your personal expenses are. This would have to include the expenses for the care that you will likely need in the future, as well as the care you have already received.

Third, cases are resolved in different manners. Truck accident cases are often settled. This is usually the fastest way to resolve the case. It is sometimes necessary to go to trial to get the case resolved. This usually takes much longer and requires much more preparation. The case can also be dismissed without any award or settlement.

You have a lot to think about if you were in a semi truck accident. Don’t waste time exploring your options. Waiting too long might mean that you aren’t able to do anything about the accident.