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Cellphones are far too distracting for truckers to use

On Behalf of | Mar 9, 2017 | Truck Accidents

Every driver should know that paying attention to the road is crucial. Truckers aren’t any exception to that concept. For this reason, the federal government has taken proactive steps to help prevent truckers from driving distracted. Truckers who opt to use cellphones, for example, are subject to being taken out of service, fined or being issued disqualifications.

People who share the roads with semi trucks must understand how crucial it is for these drivers to remain fully focused on their driving duties. A trucker who is texting is 23 times more likely to be involved in a critical event, which includes accidents, than drivers who are paying attention to the road. Even dialing a number on a cellphone is associated with an increase in critical events. Truckers who are dialing are six times as likely to be involved in one of these events.

Regulations note that truckers shouldn’t do anything with a phone that can take their attention from the road. This includes reaching for the phone, dialing numbers, texting, checking social media, surfing the Internet or even just holding the phone.

It is possible for truckers to be taken out of service if they are found to be using a phone while driving. Of course, it isn’t always possible for this to occur. Many truckers use their cellphones and aren’t ever stopped for doing so. When those truckers get into an accident, the innocent victims can suffer greatly.

The victims of semi truck crashes might opt to seek compensation for their injuries. This could include seeking money to help cover medical bills and other expenses that occur. It can even include money to cover income that was missed because of the accident.

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