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Fight back against the effects of distracted trucking

On Behalf of | Mar 17, 2017 | Truck Accidents

Distracted trucking is an avoidable cause of semi truck crashes. These truckers made a decision to do something other than focus on the road and now you are left paying the consequences for their choice. The injury you suffered might be one that affects you for the rest of your life. This harrowing thought is one that might spur you to take action.

You have the right to seek compensation for your injury. This can be one step in taking control of your life. The compensation that you seek can help you to pay the bills that you have because of the accident. When your claim is successful, you might find that you aren’t facing the financial stress that you’ve had since the accident.

There are many different things that we can look into when you are struck by a trucker. The goal of our investigation is to determine the cause of the accident so that you can use this information in your case. Once we know the cause of the accident, which might include distracted driving, fatigued driving, negligence or recklessness, we can work to show that you were injured in the accident that was caused by the trucker’s driving.

As you seek compensation, you might be presented with a settlement offer. We can help you to go through the settlement offer to determine if it is one that you will entertain. We can also help you to decide if you will return a counteroffer to the settlement you are presented with. No matter what, we will stand by your side to help you assert your side of the case.