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Filing a successful workers’ compensation claim

On Behalf of | Mar 4, 2019 | Firm News

Dangerous conditions create opportunities for injuries all the time. For those injured on the job, it may be possible to receive much needed monetary relief through workers’ compensation benefits.

A proper workers’ compensation claim begins with the filing process. There are a few significant factors that contribute to a successful claim.

Create a paper trail

A workers’ comp claim must prove an employee’s injury, as well as gauge the severity of said injury. This begins with the proper paperwork. Once you sustain an injury on the job, you should inform your manager in writing. Depending upon the company’s protocol, you may need to wait for your manager to file an incident report, or you may do so immediately. Your employer should also provide you with the paperwork to file your claim. You should provide any documentation you collect to your employer, including any witness statements. Make sure you document everything as soon as possible, as well as keep a copy for yourself.

Get medical attention

After your workplace injury, it is critical that you receive an evaluation and treatment from a physician authorized to provide workers’ comp treatment. If you have pre-designation, this may be your general physician, and if not, the company may appoint a physician to you. The physician will provide a professional evaluation of your injury, including any disability that it may cause, as well as any necessary treatment for your condition.

Properly interact with insurance

The workers’ comp insurance provider will investigate your claim. In order to validate your claim, you should make sure that you tell the truth clearly and precisely. Do not volunteer any additional information that the investigator does not ask for, as this may work against you. Keep in mind that you do have the option to consult with an attorney for both the investigation and claim processes.

Make sure that you understand the filing process and meet all of the set requirements to avoid your claim taking longer than necessary or facing dismissal. It may be beneficial to fully review the paperwork before completing it.