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Partner Mia Frieder featured in Trial magazine

On Behalf of | Aug 13, 2019 | Firm News

We are proud to announce that partner Mia I. Frieder has been featured in this month’s issue of Trial magazine. The August 2019 issue contains an article called, “An Obligation to Vet,” in which Ms. Frieder explores the legal responsibility of hospitals that hire negligent providers.

In the article, Ms. Frieder tells the story of adult children who lost their father because an opioid-addicted doctor discharged him prematurely. His children brought a wrongful death lawsuit against the doctor as well as a claim for “negligent credentialing” against the hospital that hired him and allowed him to practice while under the influence of opiate painkillers.

“Hospitals that fail to meet their responsibility to thoroughly vet health care providers should be held accountable when those providers are negligent and injure patients,” writes Ms. Frieder. She goes on to discuss the elements of a successful claim for negligent credentialing, the importance of hospitals fostering a “culture of safety,” and how plaintiff attorneys can best advocate for their clients.

Visit our Publications page to find a link to the article, or browse the rest of our site for information about your rights if you have experienced medical negligence.