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Important Questions to Ask Your Georgia Workers’ Compensation Lawyer

On Behalf of | Apr 21, 2021 | Workers' Compensation

If you get injured on the job, you most likely qualify for workers’ compensation insurance benefits in Georgia. Unfortunately, navigating a workers’ comp claim is not always easy on your own. A Georgia workers’ compensation lawyer can answer your questions and help you understand what to do to pursue the financial compensation you deserve.

Ask your lawyer the following questions to better understand your claim, as well as to make sure he or she is the right fit for you.

Do You Specialize in Workers’ Compensation?

The attorney who represents you should specialize in workers’ compensation law. Ask if the attorney is board-certified in this practice area. This is a complex area of law that is different from standard personal injury law. The right lawyer to accept your case is a legal professional with special training, experience and certification in workers’ compensation law.

How Much Experience Do You Have?

Next, ask the attorney how much experience he or she has in handling workers’ compensation claims. Although every case is unique, your attorney should at least have experience litigating the same type of case. Look for past case results to verify that the law firm has what it takes to win your case. Although past success does not guarantee future wins, it can give you peace of mind that the lawyer knows what he or she is doing and is capable of attaining real results.

Can You Take a Case to Trial?

The vast majority of workers’ compensation claims end in settlements. A settlement is an agreement between a claimant and an insurance company to resolve the legal matter for an agreed-upon amount of money. Settlements are less expensive and time-consuming than workers’ compensation lawsuits in Georgia. However, if an insurance company wrongfully denies the claim or refuses to offer fair compensation, the case may need to go to trial. Make sure the lawyer you hire has the propensity to go to court, if necessary.

How Easy Will it Be to Communicate With My Attorney?

Different law firms have different policies when it comes to communicating with clients. The lawyer you choose to represent you during a workers’ comp claim should communicate with you openly and often about the status of your case. Ask which lawyer at the firm will be handling your case. Then, ask about the communication policy to make sure it meets your needs.

How Much Are Your Fees?

Workers’ compensation attorneys in Georgia have to operate on a contingency fee basis. This means the law firm does not charge its clients for cases that do not end in positive settlements or verdicts. If the case is successful, the attorney will deduct his or her fees as a percentage of the amount won. Ask the attorney how much he or she charges for services. Note that Georgia law places a cap on how much a workers’ compensation lawyer can charge at 25 percent.

How Much Is My Case Worth?

After the workers’ compensation lawyer has reviewed the basic facts of your case, ask him or her how much it is worth. The lawyer can give you an estimated value based on the extent of your injuries, amount of required medical care, benefits available and the amount of insurance available. Knowing what your case is worth can enable you or your attorney to negotiate for fair compensation from the insurance provider.

What Can I Do to Help My Case?

Finally, ask if there is anything you can do to help or support your workers’ compensation claim. For example, your attorney may recommend that you stay off of social media or follow your doctor’s treatment plan to help build a stronger claim to damages. Following your lawyer’s suggestions can strengthen your case and help you avoid common mistakes that could compromise your recovery.

If you are ready to ask all of your questions during a free consultation with a workers’ compensation lawyer in Georgia, contact Hilley & Frieder, P.C. today.