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Compensation And Damages For Car Accidents In Georgia

At Hilley & Frieder, P.C., in Atlanta, our personal injury and car accident lawyers have been helping clients in Georgia assess and pursue claims for their accident injuries for decades. They don’t believe that you should be left to pay for these expenses out of your own pocket. They are committed to helping you obtain financial recovery for your injuries from all at-fault parties.

Putting The Pieces Back Together After A Crash

Car accidents can result in catastrophic injury, severe property damage, and debilitating physical, financial and emotional impacts. After your collision, you may incur thousands of dollars’ worth of damages that can harm your ability to move forward after the crash.

Just as you are catching your breath from a car accident, you may find yourself overwhelmed with the number of bills piling up that are related to the accident. You may be worried about making ends meet, knowing that you have hospital bills, surgical expenses, property damages and, possibly, physical therapy or chiropractic bills to cover.

Through a personal injury lawsuit or insurance claim, you have the right to collect compensation for two categories of damages: economic and noneconomic. Under certain circumstances, you may also be eligible for punitive damages.

Calculating Economic Damages After Your Crash

Economic damages involve the out-of-pocket financial losses that you can prove with a receipt, invoice or other documentation. Common economic damages in car accidents may include the following:

  • Property damage and vehicle repairs
  • Past and future medical expenses
  • Disability accommodations
  • Lost wages
  • Loss of future earnings

Our attorneys’ job as motor vehicle accident lawyers is to help you secure a full financial recovery against all at-fault parties for the expenses related to the accident. Your claim for damages can include future losses. Our team has extensive experience calculating possible future losses, including ongoing medical expenses and future income losses.

Evaluating Noneconomic Damages After Your Accident

Noneconomic damages attempt to compensate you for your physical and emotional pain and suffering. These damages can be difficult to calculate since they do not leave tangible evidence. Common types of noneconomic damages may include the following:

  • Post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD)
  • Emotional distress
  • Chronic pain
  • Anxiety and depression
  • Loss of quality of life
  • Disability and disfigurement

Our lawyers understand the emotional and financial toll that personal injury accidents can have on an entire family. They will work with you to assess any possible emotional and noneconomic damages.

Collecting Punitive Damages In Georgia

Punitive damages are the third type of compensation you can claim, and they are only available under certain circumstances. Georgia courts impose punitive damages for the purpose of punishing the at-fault parties rather than compensating victims for their losses.

State law dictates that you may receive punitive damages if the at-fault party showed willful misconduct, fraud, malice, oppression, wantonness or conscious indifference to you at the time of the accident. Your Atlanta accident lawyer will examine your case to determine whether you may qualify for this additional compensation.

Our Team Will Conduct A Thorough Investigation To Evaluate Your Claims

Our legal team reviews every possible angle to understand whether another driver, manufacturer, construction zone hazard or other factor led to the car accident. They conduct thorough investigations in an effort to identify all negligent parties or wrongdoers, thereby finding all sources of financial recovery.

They will also work with your doctor to better understand the type of medical expenses you will require in the near future and in the long term. If your injuries have prevented you from working, our attorneys may also work with a vocational expert to determine whether you will be able to rejoin the workforce. They can also consult life care planning experts, if, for example, you have sustained catastrophic injuries and need to make your home more accessible.

Our lawyers don’t make guesses when handling personal injury claims. Instead, they consult industry-leading experts to identify the type of compensation you are entitled to in the long term for pain and suffering, medical expenses, hospital bills and lost wages.

Schedule Your Free Case Evaluation Today

Our lawyers offer free case evaluations and consultations to help you better understand your possible damages should you decide to pursue a personal injury claim for negligence. To schedule your free appointment, send us an inquiry through our website or call us at 404-795-6099.

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