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Did You Lose a Family Member Due to an Allergic Reaction?

Anaphylactic shock is a severe and life-threatening allergic reaction to certain foods, drugs and other products. The Food Allergy & Anaphylaxis Network (FAAN) estimates that approximately 200 people die each year from food allergies alone.

At the law firm of Hilley & Frieder in Atlanta, we represent people who have lost loved ones due to allergic reactions. If your family member died after exposure to an allergen in a restaurant, from a mislabeled food product or other type of negligence, you may be entitled to compensation in a wrongful death lawsuit. Call us at 404-233-6200 for a free case evaluation. Our lawyers represent families throughout Georgia.

Causes of Anaphylactic Shock

Common causes of an anaphylactic reaction include exposure to foods such as peanuts or shellfish, products such as latex or certain dyes, insect stings and drugs such as penicillin. There is no cure for allergies. The only way consumers can protect themselves is by avoiding contact with allergens.

Unfortunately, people cannot protect themselves from restaurants, manufactures of food products, medical professionals and others who fail to disclose allergens. Here are a few examples:

  • A restaurant fails to disclose peanuts or other nuts in food.
  • A chef uses a food preparation surface that contains allergens.
  • A food manufacturer fails to disclose the presence of peanuts or other allergens in food.
  • A doctor fails to consult a patient’s medical history when prescribing drugs.
  • A nurse fails to note a patient’s allergies on a medical chart.
  • A medical center uses products with allergens such as dyes or latex.

The civil justice system can hold restaurants, food manufacturers, medical professionals and others accountable when they negligently expose people to allergens without warning.

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