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Carpal Tunnel

Repetitive stress injuries, such as carpal tunnel syndrome are caused by repeated motions of the hands and wrists that damage nerves, tendons and joints. Carpal tunnel results in pain, numbness in the body areas affected and, in some cases, the inability to perform basic tasks.

The carpal tunnel is a passageway in the wrist through which the nerves pass. Continuous actions can cause these nerves to become irritated and eventually damaged. Any worker who uses his or her hands in repeated motions for long periods of time can contract carpal tunnel syndrome, including assembly line workers, data entry workers and office workers whose main work tool is a computer.

If you have been diagnosed with carpal tunnel syndrome due to your work activities and you are covered by workers’ compensation insurance, you have the right to claim workers’ compensation benefits. Demonstrating the work-related nature of the injury can present obstacles in some cases, however. You may need the assistance of an experienced workers’ compensation attorney to obtain the benefits you are entitled to. At Hilley & Frieder in Atlanta, Georgia, we are experienced in helping people secure the benefits they need after an occupational injury or illness.

Have You Developed Carpal Tunnel Syndrome While Working?

The process for securing benefits can be quite complex. The assistance of an experienced Georgia carpal tunnel syndrome lawyer can help to ensure that you receive the medical and financial support you need to recover and get back to work.

We understand how these injuries occur and how they can impact your ability to do your job. When you hire our firm, we conduct a thorough review of your case in order to build the strongest possible case to support your claim for workers’ compensation benefits. If your claim is denied, we are prepared to represent you at any stage of the appeals process.

We Understand The Causes Of Carpal Tunnel Syndrome

At the law firm of Hilley & Frieder, P.C., we understand the causes of carpal tunnel syndrome and how to help our clients obtain medical, lost wage, and disability benefits. Our attorneys also know how to overcome insurance companies’ objections to providing workers’ compensation benefits.

If you work with your hands, your livelihood depends on retaining full mobility of your hands and fingers. Surgery and physical therapy can restore mobility and alleviate pain, and the use of devices such as wrist rests and adjustable height workstations can serve to minimize the recurrence of carpal tunnel syndrome.

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Ronald Hilley was the contributing attorney to this content.

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