Did Your Child Suffer a Birth Injury?

When we go to a hospital or clinic to deliver a baby, we expect it to be a joyous event. Sadly, sometimes babies are born with devastating injuries that will change the child’s life and the lives of a family forever. If those injuries were the result of preventable errors, the family may have legal options.

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A Husband and Wife Legal Team

When you come to our law firm, you will be working with two experienced and compassionate lawyers who are committed to helping you obtain the best possible future for your child. We understand the medicine and the law of birth injury cases. We work with experts who can help you obtain the answers you need and hold negligent medical professionals accountable.

We handle all types of birth injuries cases, including:

  • Birth asphyxia or hypoxic-ischemic encephalopathy caused by lack of oxygen
  • Erb’s palsy and brachial plexus injuries caused by forceps or other delivery errors
  • Cerebral palsy
  • Injuries caused by lack of monitoring
  • Injuries to the mother
  • Injuries caused by failure to perform a timely cesarean section

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Birth injuries can result in significant medical and other care costs for a family. Our lawyers are here to help you obtain the compensation you need to meet the challenges ahead. Call 404-233-6200 or contact us by email to speak with a lawyer regarding your misdiagnosis.

Mia Frieder was the contributing attorney to this content.