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Can You Sue Your Employer For A Work Injury?

You may believe that workers’ compensation is your only source of recovery if you suffer a workplace injury. In other words, you cannot sue your employer. While this is generally true, it does not mean that filing a personal injury suit is not an option in your case.

At the law firm of Hilley & Frieder, we provide a free initial consultation to evaluate your work injury case and determine if you have the right to sue. Call 404-795-6099 today to speak with one of our lawyers. From our law office in Atlanta, we represent injured workers throughout Georgia. We also represent family members in cases of fatal work accidents.

Protecting Your Right To Justice

As a rule, you cannot sue your employer for an injury that occurs on the job, even if your employer was negligent. There may be exceptions in cases of extreme negligence, such as a construction accident caused by deliberate safety violations.

In other cases, your injury may be caused by someone who does not work for your employer. While employers are protected from personal injury lawsuits, other parties are not. If your injury was caused by a manufacturer of defective equipment, faulty work done by a subcontractor, a dangerous product, another driver in a motor vehicle accident or another third party, you could sue the third party.

It’s possible to have two claims following an accident at work: a workers’ compensation claim and a personal injury claim against a third party.

Learn more about third-party personal injury claims.

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